A little bit about us 🤗

PandaBloks is made by two Blockchain and Panda enthusiasts! 🐼

They have both the technical and the community management skills, with experience in building blockchain projects using EOSIO software, creating blockchain communities and creating and funding new blockchain ventures.

We want to bring out the best in the Telos Community creating the best possible future for everyone.

Our Values 📃

✅  Creating Meaningful Impact

We aim to create a better world. Being part of the network as a validator is just a small contribution to help EOSIO and Blockchain as a whole to be a part of that world.

✅  Collaborative Community

It is through collaboration and the power of community that we're able to build the strongest bridges. We just want to be the facilitator of this community building.

✅  Transparency and Trust

rust is something that takes years to build and seconds to destroy. By giving you total transparency of what we do, we hope to build that trust over the years to come.

The Team 👷‍♂️


Mario Ribeiro Alves

Community Manager and Tokenomics Expert


Hélder Vasconcelos

Blockchain Technical Wizard