Code of Conduct

✅  Dedication

We are committed 100% to maintain a robust, scalable and secure network, with the goal to always serve the token holder.

✅  Ethics

We will always make our decisions based on our values, ensuring that legally, ethically and morally we are always doing what is right.

✅  Independence

We are an independent Block Producer, 100% self-owned and maintained.
Please check our Ownership Disclosure to find more details.

✅  Transparency

We will always act with transparency and openness in every action and decision.

✅  Compliance

We will act according to the rules established by the network and we won't accept under any circumstance to engage with vote buying.

✅  Vote Buying

Pandabloks is completely against offering any kind of financial advantage in exchange for votes. Those practices negatively impact the network’s value by engaging in inflationary activities unrelated to the incentive mechanisms that tokenize value creation and network demand.

Pandabloks promises to not pay for votes, directly or indirectly, via distribution of dividends or other forms of compensation that would create a conflict between voters and network interests.